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Stay (2022)

Needles are used to repair damage. "Stay" is a 5-minute animated film made using hand embroidery on tracing paper, depicting the relationship between a daughter and her absent father. Don’t forget to spend more time with the people you love even though you are busy.

Director: Yu Sun

Animator: Yu Sun

Composer: Mickenson Nemorin

Sound designer: Zoltán Kadnár

Sewing: Yu Sun

Sewing assistant: Yunnuo Liu, Ruozhang Liao, Urte Karvelyte, Xinya Shi, Despina Markaki 

Animation technique

Hand embroidery on tracing paper and digital drawing




Best Stop Motion Award - Animation Dingle (2023)
NAHEMI Student Film Awards- Overall Best National Student Film 2022, winner of Best Animation Award,
round-up of Sound Award(2022)
Animation Academy Awards of Beijing Film Academy-Best Innovation Award(2022)
Little Wing Film Festival- Best Animated Film(2022)
Cardiff mini film festival- Best Animation (2022)

Edinburgh International Film Festival- McLaren Award for British Short Animation(2022)
Florida Animation Festival-Best Mixed Media/Experimental (student,2022)


Director & Animator:Yu Sun

Sound Designer: Zoltán Kadnár


“Sound design for animation is always an exciting challenge as every project starts with a completely blank canvas not just for the animator, but also for the sound designer. Stay tells its story in a very intimate way and I felt that a minimalistic, partially abstract sound design gives you space to immerse yourself in the heavy weight of silence and feel what the characters feel. I was trying to convey the growing distance between father and daughter by gradually making them sound further and further apart from each other, which I think makes the moments of connection much more intimate”.

Zoltán Kadnár is a Hungarian sound designer based in London. After collaborating on his first film projects, he quickly got interested in film sound and his desire to grow his storytelling skills and engage in international collaborations led him to apply to study at the National Film and Television School on the MA in Sound Design for Film and Television course. During his time at the school, his films got nominated and screened at numerous film festivals, like the GSA BAFTA awards, Festival De Cannes Cinéfondation, and the BFI Film Festival.His recent credits include ‘Lancaster’ directed by David Fairhead, ‘The Fence’ by William Stone and ‘The Other Fellow’ by Matthew Bauer. He is currently working as a sound effect editor on The Great by Tony McNamara.

Music composer: Mickenson Nemorin 

"Composing music requires a good working method, hours of time, a good concentration and availability day and night to find the right sound and deliver a good musical work.

Music for me is a passion and when I compose for someone, I put all my heart into it so that the music penetrates until deep in their heart and at the same time finds its place in the hearts of all those who listen to my music compositions.

It's the same for Yu Sun, I did my best to musically embellish his project and satisfy his audience."

Sewing Assistants (trailer)

Yunnuo Liu is a 2D animator based in London. She's currently studying at London College of Communication and is passionate about narrative animation. She loves story and meat. 
Ruozhang Liao is a student who really loves animation and will join this industry after I graduate. She is passionate about experimenting with animation because she thinks they usually are more exciting and maybe one day somebody can find an innovative way to make films from it.

My name is Urte Karvelyte, better known as Avi.

I am a 2D animator and concept artist based in London.
Animation is a powerful tool I use to tell stories, explore different points of view and analyse myself.

My name is Despina Markaki and I‘m a 2D character animator. After finishing studying Business Administration and doing amateur theatre, I did the logical thing and pursued drawing cartoons. The sillier the better.
I’m always looking for new opportunities to expand my creative thinking while honing my animation skills. I‘m passionate and eager to take up any challenge that might come my way.

Xinya Shi is an illustrator and artist from China. Love is an integral theme in Xinya's work. Learning and understanding different emotions is something that most people need to experience. Most of her work is inspired by different moments in life. A visual language of integrated materials is used to explore and convey different perspectives of love.
Around 726 pieces of hand embroidery in the film

© 2023  by Yu Sun

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